How to create a lucrative sustainable income source with Forex

You can have an incredibly lucrative income source from the creative use of Forex. This is a super long term income source and in fact it goes on FOREVER.

First off…it is NOT what you think it is. We make trades in the market but we are not “trading the market”

We do not do what others are doing and so we do not get the kind of results others are getting.

We do not make a fortune from predicting the market with some fantastic signal that picks up the exact turning point at the exact timing and make millions in just a few months. It would be good if we can do that but we cannot and we don’t even bother to try.

There are experts out there that can look at a chart with their trendlines, rsi, bollingers, macd..etc…etc…etc and can then tell you exactly what is going to happen and when to enter and exit with tremendous accuracy and then make a killing…… or as is the case 95% of the times…they GET KILLED !!

Well we cannot do that. We always fail if we try, it is a known fact where we are concerned and that is we will never have the skill or the ability to be able to do that with any form of acceptable accuracy.

Our concept is simple. 95% of all traders trade with fundamentals and technicals and use all those fancy indicators, trendlines fibonacci and whatever you have.

95% of traders also end up losing their money in the market.

This tells us that if we use the same method that 95% of the traders use to trade the market we will end up with the same results as 95% of the traders get…WE LOSE MONEY !!!

So we created a NEW and Different way to work the market.


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